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Sunday, May 22, 2005

...for the Trinity has saved us

God beyond all human praising,
offer we our worship here.
On your splendour we are gazing
now with faihful hearts sincere.
Persons Three and yet One Lord:
ever worshipped and adored!

God, whose love so understated
is the source of every grace,
who, from dust of earth created,
through that love, the human race:
may our hearts with you be one,
gained by your eternal Son.

God, who took our flesh and being
in the womb of Mary blest,
may we, on your Body feeding,
with the blessed Saints at rest,
through your death and rising fair,
in the heavenly Banquet share.

God, who hovered o'er the waters,
bringing life to barren space,
fill your Church in every quarter,
with your sev'nfold gifts of grace.
Fire our our hearts with love and peace:
may all schism and conflict cease.

Hear our prayer, receive our praises,
reaching you through Heaven's Gate.
From the hearts of Saints and angels
let the hymn now resonate:
"Praise to God, the One-in-Three,
now and through eternity!"

Words: copyright (c) 2002, Michael Astley
Tune: All Saints (Who are these like Stars Appearing?)

I write this a few years back and we sang it as the Offertory hymn at the Mass today. I hope I am not too bold in presuming that anybody may wish to use it, but if anybody does, please feel free to do so, with the necessary acknowldegement. (Copyright protected and all).

We're using another of mine on Thursday for Corpus Christi.


Mark said...

Very nice,indeed.

Ian said...

I hope I'm not being too presumptuous in asking you to post your Corpus Christ hymn?

Perhaps in later centuries, we shall be remembering St Michael of Manchester, Hymnographer. ;-)

Michael said...


Not presumptuous at all: in fact I'm rather flattered.

Thank you, both. I seriously doubt that there are any aspirations to Sainthood where I am to be found, although I rather enjoy hymnody and contributing to the rich collection that we have.