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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

The Fellowship of Ss Alban and Sergius returns

Well it appears that the reason that I received no reply from them, and why many of the links failed, is because I was using a link to their old website (on which there is no indication that the site has been superseded by an updated site).

The new site has the same appearance, but is clearly kept up to date. I am seriously tempted by this conference in August.


Richard said...

I didn't know the Orthodox were into transferring feasts - which presumably they're expecting attendees to do, as it meets on the Dormition.

I imagine the Anglicans either won't keep it, or will follow Rome and keep it on the preceding Sunday.

Mark said...

I asuume that's the new link on your right-hand bar, then?

Dormition, Richard? Is that the Assumption?

Michael said...

Yes on both counts, Mark. It seems that they have moved the old site to a different address and used the old address for the new site, so I haven't had to update the link.

The Dormiiton is, I suppose, the eastern equivalent of the western Assumpton, although I'm not sure if it's an Orthodox/Catholic or an Eastern/western variation.

Michael said...

Fr Stephen Platt has just posted in response to my original post on the Society, in which he informs us that the society is indeed alive and well. My interest has once again sparked.

Thank you, Fr Stephen. I'm pleased and honoured to have you on my blog, and the personal contact has indeed led me to feel that getting involved is something that I would like to do after all.

Many thanks again.

In Christ,


Benjamin Andersen said...

Both Western Catholics and Eastern Orthodox use the term "Assumption" with regard to our Lady's departure from this earth, although "Dormition" (actually an early Latin title for the same feast) better fits with the Greek title: Koimisis ("falling asleep").

Michael said...

Ahhh. Many thanks for the clarification, Benjamin. I hope you're well.

Mark said...

Nice explanation, Ben. I like these greek words... :-)