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Saturday, July 14, 2007


I tried to think up a witty play on "LloydsTSB" but failed miserably, hence the rather dull post title. I'm sorry. :-(

I am declaring my own little war on LloydsTSB (well not really, but I'm walking). They are bullies. I have long known this but their most recent bank charges total £125, which I wouldn't mind so much if it weren't for the fact that these charges result from my being overdrawn due to charges imposed by them in the first place. You make 1 mistake! I'm also aware of the existence of a student counselling and liaison service that they partially sponsor but will not waive debts owed to them by students, even when approached by the service that they themselves fund. What's the point of paying for such a thing if you aren't going to recognise its existence? Or is their sponsorship simply a low-cost means of creating a sympathetic image for themselves?

Anyway, I'm reclaiming my charges for the past 6 years, with interest. It will probably take a few months but it ought to be well worth the effort and the wait.

In the meanwhile, I have moved to Alliance & Leicester. I look at the terms of their basic current account and I wonder why I have been living in the darkness of LloydsTSB lo these past 9 years. It may sound strange to most readers that somebody should rejoice in being given a debit card that isn't Electron, or a cheque book, or the ability to withdraw more than £200 on any given day, but there it is. These are the things I didn't have with LloydsTSB but that it seems from conversations with friends that most people take for granted.

Oh well. Whinge over.

As you were.


Ok, so having promised blog updates on this month's feasts I went and missed Ss Peter and Paul and the Feast of All Holy Apostles. By the way, does anybody know the provenance of "All Holy Apostles"? It's the 30th of June (13th July) but I don't know where it comes from, each of the Apostles already having his own feast.