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Sunday, January 28, 2007


Hello friends,

A number of you have e-mailed me over the past couple of days to let me know that my blog seems to have been hacked into. Worry not.

It was simply the case that I moved my weblog to another URL temporarily while I considered whether to keep it going, only to find upon deciding to do so, that my original URL had since been taken over. I know that you'll not be able to read this until you have rediscovered the blog but this is just to assure you that I'm still about.

Many thanks for your concern and alerts, though.

With much love in Christ,


Anonymous said...

I wondered what was happening. Blogger is odd in the way that urls get taken over so quickly. I had an url with the name of my patron saint and now someonelse non-Orthodox is using it and it's not exactly as if she's famous either. You'll probably find that whoever has yours will start posting photos of chrysanthemums or their poodle or something else completely unconnected with it.

The young fogey said...

Found you, Michael, through your Blogger profile you kindly linked to on Ship of Fools where I'd gone looking for you to ask what happened.

Found Margi's new blog from the profile linked here.

Michael Astley said...

It's good to see you back, both of you. Glad you found me again. I was beginning to get worried after a couple of days. I may go back and check, actually, and see what the situation is with regard to chrysanthemums and the like. It'd certainly tickle me. :-)