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Monday, July 25, 2005

My flesh is true food and my blood is true drink

In the light of the preceding post, many thanks to Huw for linking me to this. The timing was impeccable.

I see here what it is to which I am drawn.

Grant this, O Lord!


Anonymous said...

Hey there, hey there.

Reading your blog, enjoying it. I have not posted in the ages on Ship of Fools, but I do look at people's blogs.

God's grace to you. I'll see some more and come back soon.

Michael said...

Thank you. It's realy kind of you to post those sentiments. Who are/were you on the Ship?

Anonymous said...

It's a secret. I like your Arch Angel Michael post on your blog. I'll tell you later but first a hint. I don't live in England.

Ian said...

Ohhhhh....a puzzle to solve! ;-) Enjoy it, Michael.

Anonymous said...

danke Ian.

Michael said...

Hmmmm - a former shipmate from/in Germany. The thick plottens.