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Friday, July 08, 2005

The Ely Forum

We have seen the true light, we have received the Heavenly Spirit, we have found the True Faith, and we worship the Undivided Trinity; for the Trinity has saved us.

Fr Michael, of the St Petroc Monastery, linked me to this site this morning. in the light of the collapse of the York Forum, this has been set up, but with a slightly different slant - specifically Orthodox.

All discussion there has been well mannered and in good cheer thus far. It would be good to see the membership grow.


Barnabas said...

Hey Michael,

Thanks for the blog, I to enjoyed the York Forum,it seems odd for it to just close, never mind let's hope this new one is just, if not better

Mark said...

Oooh. Thank you!

I hope I'm allowed to play.

Michael said...

Of course.

Anonymous said...


The York Forum has not collapsed! It is still around.

Jim C.
YF Camerlengo

Mark said...

I just wish it were easier to use, but I suppose I've been spoiled by the Ship. :-)

Ian said...

Another forum in which to play! Thank you Michael.

Elizabeth said...

Excellent ! I`ve signed up :-)

Joe said...

whatever happened to the YF? I noticed the few times I perused the discussion there since I stopped activily participating that it seemed to take on a shall we say less than ameanable discussion tempo. I was surprised the other day to see it closed.

Joe Zollars

Michael said...

Yes, temperatures rose. I missed the climax of it all, but have received a few mails pointing me in the direction of some answers. The forum is apparently still going, but the Chapter House remains closed. I've never seen this happen on a forum before for these reasons and it does all seem a little extreme. Still, the Ely forum actually caters better for my "posting needs" :-D and so I am quite happy there.

Joe said...

Back when I ran a few forums, there were times that these sort of things occured, or rather began to occur at which point I simply shut down the forums.

Of course I think the problem with the YF is that it ran continuously. I always would temporarily disable mine during Lent(s) and during the octaves of major feasts as these are times best spent in more ethereal concerns than forum posting.

Yes the Ely Forum seems rather a nice place.

Joe Zollars