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Monday, February 19, 2007

First Anniversary

Almighty God, in his infinite wisdom, has seen fit to allow me a whole year growing and being nourished within the Holy Orthodox Church. Today marks one year since I was baptised and chrismated, rather aptly on the Sunday of the Prodigal Son in the Byzantine run-up to Lent (the Triodion).

The past year has certainly been one of great personal spiritual growth for me. It has been rather lovely to worship in a liturgical tradition with which I haven't been completely familiar. It has meant that I have been able to take a step back from criticism of the manner in which the Liturgy is celebrated and actually been able to worship. I missed this in my previous home, mainly because I had allowed myself to get caught up in rubricism.

I have also settled into a wonderful and loving parish community, for which I am extremely garteful. I have a gentle, loving, and very sensible parish priest who has been a great help and friend to me, and I really have little cause for complaint.

I look forward to seeing what directions God wants to steer me in and finding out what happens.

Thank you, all, for being with me along the way.


Anonymous said...


Benjamin Waterhouse said...

Many Years!

Jean-Michel said...

ad multos annos, my dear Michael


Anonymous said...

Mazl tov on a whole year! I cleared all the sludge out of my mailbox (nothing like Lent for a little electronic housekeeping) and I owe you a note.

Michael Astley said...

Many thanks to you all.

I'm very grateful for your congratulations and good wishes. Don't worry, Margi. I'm just as bad much of the time. :-(

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Michael!: many, many years.

And my prayers for a blessed Lenten journey to the Feast of Feasts.

Elizabeth said...

Michael, Many Years !!
For some reason, my Bloglines account fails to track your blog with any degree of accuracy, so I am a bit behind in reading your posts......
Have a Blessed Lent !

Michael Astley said...

Thank you, Ian and Elizabeth, for your warm wishes. :-)

I think a number of people havew had difficulty finding me, Elizabeth, since by URL changed because of my fickleness. Don't worry. :-)