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Sunday, May 07, 2006

Cabinet re-shuffle

After Mr Blair's tidy-up, I thought I'd do the same with my weblog after a time of silence.

Regulars will notice that I have re-arranged the links in the column at the right-hand side, pruning some that I rarely use and adding many new ones. There is now an entire section on the Western Rite, which is reflective of the new purpose.

Before February of 2005, I had made a few attempts to keep a blog, all of which failed as I had gone about it the wrong way. I wanted to enter the blogosphere but didn't actually have anything to blog about. Then I began to seriously explore Orthodoxy, and sat down one day to put my thoughts together, taking up 6 pages of A4. After having been made reasonably presentable, this became my first blog post here, and I am ever so grateful for the help, support, guidance and laughs that so many people have brought to me here on my journey into Orthodoxy.

Now that stage of the journey has come to an end and a new one has begun - one in which I must settle into and grow in the Orthodox Faith and life, which will be perhaps a more private affair than my initil searching had been. Still, I don't want to lose my blog, and so I think I'll perhaps see how things go if I dedicate it from now on to another issue close to my heart, which is the missionary work of Orthodoxy in the West, more specifically in the British Isles, and the place that the Western Rite has within that. There are, of course, other blogs and sites which do a marvellous job of focusing on this, so I may be redundant here.

Let's see how things go.


Eric John said...

Crist aras!

I'm looking forward to whatever you'll post on Orthodoxy in Britain, ancient and modern. I think you have an advantage over some others because you actually live in Britain and know first hand about the subject. You're also part of a church in a land which was once full of Orthodox Saints which are still venerated by the Orthodox in Britain. I'm glad that you will not be abandoning blogging after becoming Orthodox. After all, comentating as a non-Orthodox is from a completely different perspective than comentating as an Orthodox. (I know, the grammar is weird. But don't blame me. It's YOUR language, I'm only trying to use it. If history had turned out another way, I'd be a francophone.) :)

Jack the Lass said...

I hope the demotion of the weight loss discussion link to the back benches was an "honourable retirement" rather than due to a tabloid scandal :)

I think when blogs are set up for a particular reason they can come to the end of their purpose, or they can evolve. I hope this one evolves rather than disappears, I have enjoyed reading it.

Joe said...

Christus Resurrexit!

I am glad you are continuing the blog as well.

I look forward to hearing about your struggles and joys with your journey, if you choose to share them. I also look forward to reading your perspective on Orthodoxy in the West.

Joe Zollars

Ian said...

Christ is Risen!

As others have said, if you feel up to it, keep blogging. You are certainly not redundant, and you have a great knowledge, and importantly a great love -- which shines clearly, for Orthodoxy, especially in the West tradition: the blogging world would be much the poorer for your absence.

pine-cones said...

I agree w/JtL, carry on! Carry on and perhaps mix in some other ingredients to the blog recipie as seasoning elements and to keep yourself as interested as we are.

Michael said...

Thanks, everyone, for your comments and words of encouragement. (best not talk about the weight loss for the timebeing ;-) ).

I think those of you who comnented about the ecolution of blogs are right. Their purpose end so much as change in the light of different circumstances, and it certainly is different from the other side of the Bosphorus.

I look forward to new and interesting conversations with you all.

Pine-cones, welcome! Having looked at the links on your blog, and the photographs of people I recognise, I know that I know you from another website, but I'm not sure who you are there. Do put me out of my misery. (Of course, you could always use the opportunity to have some fun with me :-) ).

pine-cones said...

Ok.. well I sent you a message via that website in October 05. Any help?

Michael said...

Not really.

However, the fact that the e-mail notifications of your last comment here and your PM to me on the other site came within a minute of each other, it was sort of a give-away. ;-)

I get gazillions of messages there and it seems I never replied to yours, but rather kept it "to reply to soon" and then never got round to it. You must think me awfully rude. I WILL reply soon. I'm so, so sorry. (Michael goes and hides in the corner). x

pine-cones said...

Ha ha! Yes I thought it might help.
Don't worry about it.

Luz said...

Thank you so much for the link to the ROCOR St Elizabeth & St Werburgh. I owe a lot to the intervention of St Werburgh and I was totally unaware she had an Orthodox dedication :-) I will make it an ambition to visit there one day. And so much the better now we are in communion. Christ is Risen!

Michael said...

Lux, you're very welcome. That is also my parish so if you ever do think of coming our way, do let me know and I'll make sure you're properly taken care of. Sadly, the garden chapel dedicated to St Werburgh is (temporarily?) out of action. The lady whose back garden it's in recently had a hard attack and we're not sure whether or not we'll be able to continue using there due to her continued ill health. Please pray.

We still meet at the chapel in Birkenhead and occasionally at Stonyhurst RC college (near Clitheroe, Lancashire), who kindly lend us one of their multiplicity of chapels every few Sundays.

In Christ,

Anonymous said...

Great job, Michael! Reading your blog is a wonderful delight on grey days when all seems blah, believe me!

Keep up the good work!

Best wishes,

Leetle M.