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Sunday, December 18, 2005

That secular jamboree that they dare to call Christmass

This was how the worldly approach to "western" Christmass was referred to in passing in today's homily.

I'm not going to rant about the secularisation of Christmass, as much webspace has been dedicated to that already. To be honest, I'm rather weary of people moaning about it all the time. It's usually the same people who then go out and buy cards, presents, wrapping paper, &c. and just join in with it anyway.

No. My purpose is to express the feelings of utter relief that I am currently experiencing. I am aware of the world around me, with its hustle and bustle, and the rushing and worrying, and I am extremely grateful that I no longer have to be part of this rush bthat I used to dread each year.

Actually, I managed to avoid it last year as well, but it was so difficult breaking social and family norms and expectations. For example, I don't send cards and I prefer not to receive them. If people give them to me, I am grateful for them but I don't see that as setting up some sort of need for me to reciprocate. I felt better for it in the end, but it was as though I had to be constantly explaining myself, as the secular focus has definitely become the norm in large sections of society. At least this year I have the valid reason that Christmass for me is nearly two weeks after the big event. People seem to be a lot more respectful of this.

Let's see how it all goes.

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duchessSoF said...

I take it you celebrate Xmas on the Orthodox date though, right? Just checking.

I would hate it if I sent a card and somebody did not want it. :(

I sent a card to somebody in Australia who has a birthday on January 1st...and does not celebrate Xmas AT ALL (reformed PC). He though wrote on SoF that my card was "a present" he got for Xmas...and then he wrote he considers Xmas presents early presents for his birthday.

I am just happy he considered my card "a present" up there with the box of chocolates he got from someone. :)

My point: Cards are PRESENTS, Michael. Not things you prefer not to get [insert crying emoticon here]. Maybe I need to understand better though.

God bless you. +