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Saturday, April 02, 2005

Devotional societies

There is a multiplicity of these in the Church of England, but are there any Orthodox devotional societies active in Great Britain or anywhere else? Is this part of the Orthodox culture or does the idea of a society set up to focus on one aspect or small portion of the Faith something that does not find a place within Orthodoxy?

I once considered the Society of Mary, and have actually founded a society for altar servers, and would like to know that something not dissimilar was available in orthodoxy.


Aristibule said...

Yes - there are such things. More common in the Old Country where they often have Brotherhoods (Russia has one which is a Brotherhood of Standard Bearers - the men who bear the banners of our Lord, the BVM, and the Saints in Ecclesial processions.) The St. Photius Brotherhood was another in France - all clergy that one, I think. In the US, I've heard of the Brotherhood of St. Michael the Archangel - I think its members are mostly military, police, and former (and lots of Civil War reenactors.) And, in the USA there is an Orthodox society of OLW (their shrine will probably be built just north of DFW, TX.) I don't think they are as common yet in the West: maybe over time? Lastly - the Antiochians in the USA do have a 'Fellowship of St. John the Divine' which follows a rule of prayer, and does other works to assist in the building up of the Church. I think they are a devotional society?

Benjamin Andersen said...

I always thought that the WR Orthodox should have chapters of the All Souls' Guild and the Confraternity of the Blessed Sacrament.

Ben Johnson said...

All Souls and the Blessed Sacrament society would be great. Thus far, the closest thing the Western Rite within canonical Orthodoxy has is a number of oblate chapters that meet for devotional activities and retreats: pray the hours, deepen their study, etc. This is, I believe, our most effective step to date. What has been effective in your experience?